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On PHP from Oracle

2004. gada 3. martā, 4 komentāri

The Hiutchiker's Guide to PHP no Oracle. Raksta gudri cilvēki pēc Oracle pasūtījuma.

In this new multi-week series, OTN will give you a taste of the full spectrum of technical issues related to the PHP development lifecycle, from planning through deployment. Most important, it will include descriptions of real-world experiences from project managers and engineers who have deployed PHP applications.

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Gravatar Neonz

2004. gada 3. martā, plkst. 16:09

tas saucas "šodien daudz darba, neko nerakstīs"... ;)

Gravatar laacz

2004. gada 3. martā, plkst. 16:11

Neonz: es nemaz i tā neteicu :)

Gravatar Jāzeps

2004. gada 3. martā, plkst. 16:56

laacz, kas ir "the back end of scripting language"? nu, tas ko viņi tur saka - Java, Java, tikai Java. Kas tas "back end" ir šajā sakarā?

Gravatar Roze

2004. gada 5. martā, plkst. 00:34

Ehh trakoti labi komentāri:

"Our single-minded direct approach to solving the Web problem is what has set PHP apart from the start, and while other solutions around us seem to get bigger and more complex, we are striving to simplify and streamline PHP and its approach to solving the Web problem."